Manboys Podcast (Last Call!)

Alright short and sweet: This is the last call to submit any questions, comments, or even if you have a good story you want us to read, whatever comes to mind folks. Use the Contact Form on the left side of the page and fire away – anything you like, anything at all.

Best question will win…. Something. Podcast will be released…. Soon.

in attendance we have Matt, Jody, Chris, Rusty, E-Jack & Robjn if you would enjoy singling someone out.



What are you guys doing this weekend? If you are living in BC you are probably laying on a floor somewhere with a pee soaked rag covering your mouth from the smoke. If it worked for those guys in the trenches in the 1900’s then it should still work today.  While you are hiding inside don’t forget to send in your questions for The Manboys Podcast #1 via the Contact form on the left side of the page

The Manboys Podcast #1 – Info



Well as it’s hot enough outside to kill off elderly people and we are as far away from snowboarding as you can possibly be let’s kill some time together.

Click on the Contact page – ask us a question. As us whatever you like. Keep in mind you can fill in anything in the “name” field so this is a great opportunity to ask what’s really on your mind while staying comfortably anonymous. To keep it more interesting questions outside of snowboarding are encouraged. Relationship advice with Rasman? Jody’s thoughts on the tension in North Korea? Investments and market trends with Matt Belzile? As professional snowboarders we are definitely qualified to answer questions about anything at all. Right?

At the end of the month (August), The Manboys will sit down and answer all of the questions and release a podcast on the website for something to listen to while we kill these disgustingly hot summer days away on our way to winter.

Whichever question is deemed the best will be announced on @themanboys Instagram and win a Manboys goodie bag (winner will be contacted through the email you leave on the Contact form)

The 6th Annual Rat Race

Matt and Rusty decided to go win The Rat Race a couple weeks ago. How did it go? About as well as you would expect. Both riders aggressively average when it comes to racing,  Belzile managed to concuss himself and separate his shoulder (to the second degree) half way down the course. That’s a DNQ Belzile. Or is it DNF? Anyways. That guy is done for. Lets do what the hippies say and send positive vibes. On a lighter note the event is a CHARITY event (or at least Bryan and Austin claim it is but they seem to have a lot of money kicking around) that raised $40,000 for Nice work boys!